In the process of getting ready for our wedding, Deena and I created a few slideshows to show us growing up / notable events in our lives. There are a few PC / Windows-based programs that can be used to create a slideshow (see list of top 10 slideshow software programs here), but we weren’t impressed by the results. A sample of a slideshow that we created using ProShow Producer can be seen here.

Ultimately, we decided to subscribe to Animoto Pro to create a slideshow — although we did not use the music feature (since we had a live DJ during the reception), the transitions and fonts were absolutely amazing.

Here’s the video of me growing up:

Here’s the video of Deena growing up:

And here’s the video of miscellaneous photos from Deena and my life:

After creating the photos in Animoto Pro, we downloaded the files in 1080p to mpg format, and burned them into a looping DVD using DVD Flick. It couldn’t have been more easier, and the media people had no playing the DVD. I did not have a chance to test the DVD out in the hustle and bustle prior to the wedding, but was pleasantly surprised that the slideshow went through without a hitch!

In any case, I strongly recommend Animoto Pro, and would recommend it over other software-based slideshow creators for creating a wedding